Although I lean more toward a humanistic and existential framework built upon a foundation of Christian values, I tend to be eclectic in my approach. I don't believe anyone will benefit from a cookie cutter approach to counseling. We are all individuals and as such, we all experience the "roller coaster" of life differently. My counseling practice is named TouchPoints because it has been my experience that our lives are touched and transformed by our interactions with others, as well as our personal challenges and triumphs. I enjoy accompanying others through the process of self discovery and a search for meaning and problem resolution.

Some of my favorite interventions are play therapy (children), art therapy, journaling, narrative therapy, and bibliotherapy, although this list is continually evolving and growing. Together we will determine the best approach to apply to your unique circumstances. For this reason, we will meet and together identify your needs and goals for counseling in order to collaboratively come up with a results based and individually focused treatment plan.


Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM

Later evening and weekend appointments scheduled at my discretion.